About This Workshop

Similar to our Preparing for your New Best Friend workshop, this workshop is geared to those who have already adopted their new pup and brought him/her home. It covers the following:

  • Important information to know in the first days at home
  • How to get setup so your pup is comfortable
  • Safety information for you and your pup
  • Getting started with basic training
  • How to fix the majority of common dog behavior issues before they start
  • And more!

Whether you are a new dog owner or a seasoned veteran, there is something in this workshop for you. Full of resources, helpful information, and guidance from a training professional!

Join us today!

Workshop Modules

Begin Here. Preparing after your pup comes home. - This section focuses on setting up and preparing with several assignments, including shopping and setting boundaries.

Important Information - In this module, we cover the 3-3-3 rule is, socialization for your dog, safety information and your initial vet visit, and the all important body language.

Common Issues and Basic Training - Every dog and dog owner needs training on the basics, regardless of age. This section is dedicated to training. We cover the basics, how to use a clicker to train, and a few of the most common behaviors we see.

The Solution to the Majority of Dog Behavior Issues - This module focuses on the two main things you can do that will solve the majority of behavior problems for your dog.

For Further Study/Resources - Lastly, this section contains links to helpful products, books and resources to help you continue learning as a dog owner.

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